Franca Ovadje Leads Equality for African Women

A recent study called Women in Business 2022. The Age of Diverse Talent published by Grant Thornton reveals that they take steps to drive diversity and inclusion initiatives.

The data collected indicate that 3 out of 4 respondents, that is, 73% consider that the changes in work practices driven by COVID-19 will benefit the professional trajectory of women.

Ana Johnson, CEO of Grant Thornton Sweden, believes it is essential that companies are more egalitarian so that they are attractive to both customers and employees. Gender equality is even something that managers must prioritize every day, in every decision they make.

The findings of the analysis show that the overall results remain above the tipping point, i.e. the 30% which is required to achieve meaningful change. Larissa Keijzer, Regional Head for EMEA and CIS for Network Development at Grant Thornton International, sees emerging markets accelerating, while Europe and North America are changing mindsets.

Aurora Sanz, the Managing Partner of Laboral Grant Thornton of Spain, suggests that it is good news, but it is not enough that Spain is among the top 10 countries, because it must be strengthened with commitment and determination. Isabel Perea, Audit Partner at Grant Thornton, believes that the level of women in management positions is an indicator of progress and Spain is a country that is committed to gender equality.

Who is Franca Ovadje?

Franca Ovadje is a specialist in Economics and an expert in Business Administration from IESE. In addition, he has taught at the Lagos Business School (LBS). Her experience as a professional makes her manage small changes in her leadership classes. Her effort and dedication as a writer come to fruition because she is the author of several books, including “Change Leadership in Developing Countries” and the “Manual of Organizational Change in Africa”, published by the Publisher Routledge, Inclusive, of some articles such as “What it takes to lead change in Africa” published by the Harvard Business Review Case Collection.

Currently, she works on the TechPower Project, an initiative that develops the capacity of girls and adolescents in the technological space. In addition, it provides basic STEM education and training to vulnerable girls and adolescents who do not have how to pay for college.

Harambee Award 2022: Women committed to gender equality

According to Harambee’s official website, the 2022 Harambee Award was presented to economist Franca Ovadje for her business training and leadership programs and initiatives that turn Nigerian women into senior executives.

Sar Teresa de Borbón dos Sicilies, Mary Carmen Muños, and Ramón Pardo de Santayana, sponsors of the award described the initiatives and thanked the volunteers for their commitment and dedication. Mary Carmen Muños, Marketing Director of René Furterer, believes that Franca Ovadje is a clear example of a strong woman for everyone. The leader develops leadership projects and executes solidarity initiatives of the René Furterer brand.

The future that awaits Franca Ovadje

An active and quite dynamic future awaits her because the women, girls, and adolescents around her expect solutions for a better world. In Nigeria, some women do not have opportunities because of traditional norms and cultural patterns. However, she sees it as a matter of empowering women to believe in themselves.

Forcefully, women in Nigeria and anywhere in the world can learn to handle STEM basics that allow them to perform jobs and earn money with the technology program. The Woman Post hopes that other girls and teenagers will be encouraged to be part of this great TechPower Project promoted by economist Franca Ovadje.

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